Is Meriad a modeling agency?

No, Meriad is not an agency. We’re a platform that facilitates connections between models & clients. By removing the middlemen, we put the power, and the money, back in our users’ hands.

Is Meriad an influencer platform?

Although most Meriad models have large social followings, our current focus is on connecting models, brands, and content creators for more traditional modeling opportunities in the LA area. However, as our business grows, we plan to expand our services to include influencer activation opportunities with the Meriad community. If you’re a brand interested in influencer partnerships or a model looking for influencer opportunities, shoot us an email at

Where is Meriad HQ?

The magic happens in Venice, CA. If you’re around, let us know! We’re always happy to connect with interesting people.

I’ve got more questions. How can I contact you?

More info on our Contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!

I have a brilliant idea for Meriad. What’s the best way to share?

We’re open to all suggestions and feedback. Meriad is a new endeavour, so our team is constantly making improvements. We’ve got new features and upgraded designs on the roadmap, but ultimately, it’s user feedback that helps inform and prioritize our next steps. If you’ve got something to share - anything at all, shoot us an email us at

I have model friends and client contacts who would love Meriad! Do you take referrals?

Yes, absolutely! The best recommendations come from within our community. Feel free to pass along any recommendations directly to us at Alternatively, both models and new clients can reference your name during the sign-up process. Either way, you’ll receive a referral bonus after your direct referrals’ first shoots!

So you’re not an agency. How is Meriad different for me, as a model?

Two words: control & ease. When working through an agency, most models essentially hand their careers over, but with Meriad, every decision – from what you showcase on your profile, to what you charge, and who you work with – is up to you (with as much or as little help from our team as you choose.) Our network provides exposure and connections the way an agency would, but we keep the power in our models’ hands instead of our own. The other thing our models love most about Meriad is how easy we make the entire process. When a client reaches out with a booking request, all you have to do is confirm the shoot, show up, and get paid. You know all the details, including exactly how much you’ll make, before accepting the job, and you’ll receive payment electronically right after the shoot ends. Never deal with hidden fees or agency politics again.

I’m an agency-represented model. Can I be a Meriad model too?

Of course – we’re not the jealous type! Meriad supports models with all sorts of professional backgrounds, and we represent a healthy mix of freelance and agency-represented talent. Out of respect for your agency, we recommend always checking in first about the terms of your contract.

I’m sold. How do I apply? What’s your criteria?

It’s super easy to apply! Just create your profile at BECOME A MODEL, and our team will make a decision about your application within a week. What are we looking for? Meriad celebrates diversity and recognizes that beauty comes in all shapes & sizes, so we’ll never have height requirements or measurement restrictions. We ask only that applicants are serious about modeling, professional in the way they represent themselves, and that they have recent, professionally-shot work for their portfolio.

I’m interested, but I don’t have professional shots. Can you help?

Certainly. We have a network of awesome photographers, and we’d be happy to connect you. Just shoot us an email at

What kind of support and professional growth can I expect from Meriad?

Even though we give our models the tools to manage their careers on their own, our team is accessible 24/7 for support. We’re like parents – happy to see our kids grow in their independence, but ready to drop everything and come running as soon as they need us. Our team is also super committed to helping our models improve their craft, which is why we offer connections to professional development resources, share tips & tricks in our regular newsletters, and hold weekly office hours for one-on-one coaching. We also host Meriad community events, where our models can not only meet & share advice with each other, but they can also put their learnings to good use in fun, community-led photoshoots.

Who’s a typical Meriad client, and what kinds of jobs do they usually book Meriad models for?

The Meriad platform is used by wide range of organizations and individuals, but currently it’s creative studios, production agencies, and fashion brands that just can’t seem to get enough of us. Most jobs booked through Meriad are for digital, social, or ecommerce content.

What if I want to take down my profile?

If you choose to remove your profile from our site, all you'd have to do is shoot us a short email and we'll take your profile down that day.

Does it cost anything to be a Meriad model?

We’re completely free to join, and there’s no membership fee to create a profile and be part of our community. When you book a job, Meriad keeps 10% of the total rate to cover our operational expenses.

So you’re not an agency. How is Meriad different for me, as a booker?

Transparency & efficiency - we’re all about it. That’s why we’ve built a platform that allows you to cut out the reduncies and get right to the point. With Meriad, you get full access to our ever-growing talent database and receive all pertinent information upfront, including models’ rates. We also put you in direct contact with the talent from the get-go so you don’t have to work through middlemen and can literally book within minutes of your initial search. It’s also important to note that in stark contrast to working through agencies, which typically charge full day and half day rates, Meriad models are booked according to their hourly rate. Not only does this make shoots of any size possible, but it frees up budget to produce even more content.

Do you offer castings, or can I only book models directly?

You can do both! We’ve made it super easy to book models directly or invite them to a casting. If you don’t have the timeline for a full casting, you can also request day-of digitals, all within our platform.

How can I be sure the model I book is professional and that his/her profile is accurate?

Each and every one of our models goes through a rigorous application and assessment process before receiving an invitation to join the Meriad model community. Quality assurance is a top priority for our team, so the process is ongoing. After each shoot, clients will have the opportunity to review their models and provide constructive feedback, helping us maintain only five star experiences.

What’s the payment process like?

All payments can be made directly within our platform, and we won’t charge your card until the shoot wraps and you’ve confirmed your satisfaction. Meriad charges a 15% service fee and transfers payment directly to the model in-platform, so you never have to worry about compensating the model directly. The whole process is quick and simple - your Accounting team will love us.

If I share photos with the model, will h/she post on social media and tag my brand?

We absolutely encourage sharing selects with your Meriad model. When doing so, you should include all social handles and hashtags you’d like for them to include in their posts for added exposure. However, while many of our models do choose to post shoot content, we can’t guarantee it. If that’s important to you, get in touch, and we can help facilitate.

I’m not exactly sure who I’m looking for – will you provide model recommendations?

We suggest first browsing our model directory and utilizing our advanced search & filter features. Then if you’re still unsure or have specific requests, please reach out! We are always willing to play matchmaker for our clients.

I’m searching for a niche look, & I don’t see a Meriad model who fits the description. Can you help me source talent?

We’d be happy to tap into our network to help find exactly who you’re looking for. Contact us at with your specific request, and we’ll go from there!

I need a photographer, too. Can you connect me?

Definitely. We’ve got lots of photographer friends, and we’d be happy to make introductions.

So how exactly does this work? Give me the play by play.

So you have a shoot you need talent for. Whether you’ve got an exact look in mind or need a little inspiration, you can search or browse our roster to find the perfect fit. Select all the models you’re interested in, then send a booking request directly to each one. You’ll get confirmation of interest and availability within 24 hours. Confirm your top choice(s) and chat directly with the model(s) pre-shoot. Afterwards, pay directly in app and provide a review. Repeat for next shoot.

Is a booking request binding?

No, you can use a booking request to determine models’ interest and availability. Once you’re armed with this information, you’ll complete the confirmation stage, at which point your decision will be binding, out of respect for the models’ time. You can cancel at any time for a small fee, but shoots canceled within 24 hours will be charged the full rate.