Get discovered. Book more jobs. All on your terms.

How It Works

Receive a booking request with full shoot details directly. It’s up to you to accept or decline.

Do what you do best! Enjoy the day knowing we’ve taken care of all the boring, tedious administrative stuff.

Payment is processed and deposited in your account within 72 hours. Yes, we’re that fast.

Features & Benefits

Fast, Electronic Payments

Sick of long payment cycles, inconvenient checks, or awkward conversations about money? Book through Meriad, and we’ll deposit your hard-earned cash directly into your bank account within 72 hours post-shoot. And bookings are super transparent, so you’ll know exactly what to expect before you even accept a job.

In-App Messaging

Maintain your privacy and stay organized with in-app messaging. Communications are sent and received within the Meriad platform, so you never have to publicly disclose your personal contact info. We'll help keep all of your booking communications in one place - no more digging through email chains, text strings, or direct messages again.

Shareable Portfolio

Creating your own personal website can be expensive and time-consuming, plus, you have to drive all traffic to it yourself. Our personalized portfolio pages are not only beautiful, but they're easy to create, update, and share. The best part, they’re completely free for you.

Community Membership

Joining Meriad means becoming part of a vibrant community of creatives. You’ll get exposure to an expansive network of clients, plus support and professional development opportunities from other models and industry experts. Connect via our online forums or join us in-person at one of our exclusive Meriad community events.

Words From Our Models

"It has been such a fun, easy, and streamlined process modeling through Meriad. I am notified right when a client wants to work with me. It's only a matter of accepting or declining the job based on my personal availability. The website is professional and completely user friendly. I also love that I have the power to update my portfolio just the way I like it and upload my fresh digitals when I need to. I am so happy with my experience. Thanks Meriad for making the process of BOOKING modeling jobs easier for us!"

Jazzerine N.

"I love working with Meriad because it's super easy and convenient! It's really nice to just get an email notifying me of a booking rather than spending hours on casting sites self-submitting."

Ella M.

"Having Meriad in place of an agent has been such a breath of fresh air. They're selective with the clients that they work with, so you know what you're getting when you arrive on set. Contracts are always taken care of ahead of time. Paychecks are delivered promptly and on time. Most importantly, it's obvious that Meriad cares about the models they work with."

Garrison L.