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About Us

Meriad is a trusted community for showcasing, discovering, and booking premium talent online.

Our all-in-one platform connects local models to clients and seamlessly facilitates the entire booking experience, from search to payment & feedback. With world-class customer service & a growing community of users, Meriad offers the best place for models to market their talent and the easiest way for bookers to discover the look they need.

Sebastian Flores

Nora Kelleher

A note from the founders

With experience on all sides of the modeling industry - we’ve been the talent, the clients, and the creators - our team knows all too well how frustrating the current talent booking systems can be.

Ridiculous agency fees, difficult middlemen, drawn out pay cycles, lack of diversity...simply put, we got sick of it all and decided we’d make the change we so craved for ourselves. But not just for our sake. We’ve built Meriad for every model and content creator out there who believes we can do better than the status quo.

Meriad is our vision for a better future for the industry, and we’re excited for you to be a part of it.

- Nora & Sebastian